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TOP 5 Retail Media Networks to Watch in 2024

TOP 5 Retail Media Networks to Watch in 2024

| Blog | author: Monika Torokne Nagy

The way businesses advertise online is changing rapidly, with big changes expected in 2024. Businesses are always looking for new ways to show their products and connect with customers. Retail media networks (RMNs) offer brands a great opportunity to succeed. This article will help advertisers and marketers understand the best RMNs in 2024, showing what they offer, how they advertise and why they are a good choice.

In the world of retail media brands advertise directly to online shoppers. RMNs are powerful advertising platforms that help brands showcase their products where consumers make buying decisions.

Understanding retail media networks

Retail media networks are ads integrated into retail websites or apps. They help brands connect with shoppers when they're deciding what to buy. RMNs have grown from simple banners to advanced platforms offering personalized ads based on shopping behavior. This shift means brands can target their marketing more precisely.

RMNs represent a change in advertising. Instead of reaching a broad audience, brands now focus on connecting directly with consumers. RMNs provide insights into why people buy, helping brands create more effective ads.

As online shopping grows, being on RMNs is crucial. It's not just about being seen but being seen when it matters most. RMNs are essential for a digital marketing strategy, showing how consumer engagement evolves online.

In 2024, Retail Media Networks (RMNs) are taking center stage in the world of online shopping ads. These networks blend shopping with ads, making the whole experience smoother and more enjoyable. Ads are no longer annoying interruptions; they're part of the fun, guiding you to products you might like. RMNs use valuable data about shoppers to target ads effectively, so they feel personalized.

As we move through 2024, RMNs are becoming even more important. They're changing the game by making ads helpful and seamless, using data to understand what shoppers want. This isn't just good for businesses; it's great for shoppers too, creating a world where finding new things online feels like destiny.

Understanding RMNs is key. They can transform a brand's online presence, making them vital in the world of online shopping. Stay tuned as we explore top RMNs in 2024.

Highlighting the Top 5 Retail Media Networks of 2024

2024 marks a turning point for retail media networks (RMNs), reshaping how brands interact with shoppers. Let's explore the top 5 RMNs leading the charge in transforming retail marketing.

Walmart Connect

Walmart Connect is evolving rapidly, introducing tools like advanced analytics and immersive ads to boost retailers' advertising experiences. With its vast reach and consumer insights, brands can create targeted campaigns, reaching shoppers both online and in-store.

Target Roundel

Target Roundel excels in personalized advertising, fostering strong connections between brands and consumers. Leveraging Target's extensive physical presence, digital campaigns gain extra impact, ensuring messages reach shoppers across all channels.

Kroger & Albertsons

The merger of Kroger and Albertsons forms a retail powerhouse, offering advertisers access to a wide store network and valuable consumer data. This collaboration enhances targeting capabilities, making campaigns more effective.


Instacart expands beyond groceries, becoming a versatile platform for various product advertisements. Advertisers tap into its diverse user base, reaching busy parents and tech-savvy millennials alike.


eBay enhances retailer visibility through promoted listings, creating a competitive marketplace. Its diverse platform caters to various consumer interests, enabling precise targeting for advertisers.

These top 5 RMNs of 2024 offer innovative solutions for brands, enabling deeper consumer engagement and market expansion in retail marketing.

In addition to the big players, it is also worth paying attention to the smaller ones. In many cases, they provide advertisers with much more detailed data, not to mention the need to reach a smaller target group in a competitive environment.

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