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The future of retail media - Improve profitability with Inhabitad

Retail Media

Reach untapped high margin revenue sources by selling advertising space to your partners with solutions purpose-built for retail

How does it work?


Building the next generation of Retail Media Platforms

Generate Extra Revenue

Utilize your webshop's traffic and first-party data by becoming a media player in the fastest growing publishing industry.

Help Brands to Grow

Offer powerful advertising solutions to your vendors to sell more and consequently deepen your relationship with them.

Better Shopping Experience

Relevant and personalized product recommendation in a native format makes shopping better for consumers.

Easy to Use Self-service Interface

Inhabitad is built to be intuitive and easy to use for advertisers, while offering the flexibility to be unique and tailor made for retailers.
step 1
Choose your product or upload the creative
Promote your product(s) or brand by choosing the campaign format best suited for your goals.
step 2
Set automatic or manual targeting
Target keywords, pages, categories or even audiences based on prior purchase habits in a manual or automatic fashion.
step 3
Pay only for results
Pay for only the results you want to achieve by choosing impression, click or conversion based pricing.
step 4
Enjoy the increased revenue
Piont of sale advertising in a data driven form already proved to provide high returns on investments.

Improve profitability with retail media

Enable partners and vendors to promote their brands and products in an effective and consumer centric approach by operating a high yielding media platform critical to profitability.

Your webshop.
Your rules.

Inhabitad is designed as a white-label, flexible and native ad-tech ecosystem, where retailers set all the rules and maintain full control.

Easy to configure ad-tech ecosystem to build complex advertisment platforms in days.

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