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Platform and Feature Overview

Standard Features

Inhabitad Retail Media Platform, at its heart, is powered by an extensive range of functionalities designed to redefine the advertising experiences of our partner's customers. Key to our platform are the core features, engineered to address your indicated requirements promptly and effectively.


One of the pillars of Inhabitad Retail Media Platform's core features is the inherent potential for customization. Grasping the distinct needs and strategic ambitions of each partner, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach falls short when it comes to crafting a solution that truly resonates with the unique needs of our clients.

Our solution, hence, is grounded in a matrix of scalable building blocks, each designed to deliver specific functional capabilities. These building blocks lend our platform an extraordinary degree of adaptability, enabling us to tailor-fit our offering to align with your precise stipulations.

In Inhabitad, you will find a technology partner committed to sculpting a digital architecture as singular as your business vision. Through thoughtful configuration of our platform's building blocks, we deliver an end-to-end solution that is essentially shaped around your requirements and aspirations, thus making our platform not only a service but a strategic asset in your growth arsenal.

At Inhabitad, we firmly believe in bridging the gap between adtech knowledge and agile work methodologies. By harmonizing these two elements, we drive efficient software development and customization projects that effectively meet our clients' needs.

Our process commences with an in-depth understanding of your business requirements. We take time to listen, comprehend and translate your business needs into potential tech-based solutions. This collaborative phase ensures that our future development aligns expertly with your goals.

Once this understanding is established, we embark on the software development phase. With our deep and extensive experience in adtech, our team of seasoned experts leverages state-of-the-art tools and technologies to engineer the ideal solution for your business. Be it an enhancement of existing software or the creation of a new one, we work diligently to bring your needs to fruition.

By subdividing the project into manageable progressive phases or 'Sprints', we deliver tangible results consistently. Each Sprint culminates in a review, allowing you to evaluate the progress and provide feedback that can be acted upon in the subsequent phase. Your involvement in every stage ensures that the final product reflects your vision and meets your expectations.

Post-development, our team executes comprehensive tests to ensure software reliability, efficiency and scalability. Our rigorous quality assurance norms allow us to deliver a product that not only works seamlessly but also proactively addresses the business challenges you aim to solve.

But our commitment to you doesn’t end there. Post-deployment, we offer continued support and maintenance services to ensure smooth operations and prompt resolution of any technical issues.
In a nutshell, Inhabitad delivers a unique blend of adtech expertise and agile methodologies. This ensures vibrant collaboration, swift delivery and a finely engineered software solution that enhances your operations and provides a fantastic experience. It's not just about creating a technology product for us - it's about creating solutions that empower growth.


For the webshop owner

Comprehending the critical role data plays in strategic decision-making, our Inhabitad Retail Media Platform has been crafted to encompass a powerful reporting function, central to the retailer admin interface.


  • Detailed Reporting by Advertisers
  • Dimension Filters
  • Receipt Detail Creation

Our Reporting feature is more than an integrated tool - it's your personal advisor to navigate the vast sea of data and extract valuable insights. With Inhabitad, not only do you get access to the most advanced tools, but the presenting of actionable data becomes an effortless process, leading to well-informed, productive decisions.

For the advertisers

Navigating successful marketing campaigns in the digital realm requires a robust set of data and powerful tools to analyze it. Inhabitad's Reporting functionality accomplishes just that.


  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Detailed Metrics and Dimensions
  • Advanced Filters
  • Export Functionality

Inhabitad's reporting feature is more than just a data compilation system - it’s a lens for advertisers to analyze, understand and optimize their campaigns, delivering better results and higher returns.

Ad review

Maintaining the integrity of your advertising space is paramount, which is why Inhabitad offers an effective Ad Review feature. This system function allows you to guarantee the quality and appropriateness of the content appearing on your platform.

Our Banner Review System has been tailored for simplicity and requires minimal effort. Each submitted ad is subjected to a review process for approval. This focuses on confirming the ad complies with your platform's regulations and norms before it goes live, safeguarding the overall professionalism and standards of your advertising space.

Moreover, to facilitate punctual reviews, a Notification Feature is integrated into our system. It alerts you whenever an ad is pending approval, ensuring no ad is left unattended and the review process runs smoothly and efficiently.

With this Ad review feature, Inhabitad provides an effective method of maintaining quality assurance and complete control over the advertising shown on your platform. Simplicity coupled with efficiency makes this process less daunting, while ensuring that every advertisement corresponds with your brand's ethos and standards.

Adzone Management

Our adzone management feature operates on an intuitive three-tier organizational framework: Inventory Groups, Pages and Ad Zones. This comprehensive approach to adzone management provides administrators with a potent toolset to tailor ad placements to perfection and streamline the overall advertisement presentation.

  • Inventory Groups: This level offers a comprehensive overview of your entire inventory, allowing you to group associated pages under specific categories, thereby ensuring efficient inventory tracking and control.
  • Pages: As the mid-level organizational layer, this feature allows you to manage individual pages within each inventory group, optimizing particular display spaces for ads.
  • Ad Zones: This is the granular level in the hierarchy. Ad zones further subdivide pages into specific sections. It is here that specific ad placements are managed, allowing for the fine-tuning of ad display.

Beyond standard adjustments, we offer a high degree of detailed customization across the entire adzone management process. This allows you to tailor each ad placement to align perfectly with your strategic and aesthetic visions. Inhabitad goes the extra mile to ensure every detail matches your objectives.

Campaign Management

To help advertisers propel their ventures to new heights, we’ve designed an intuitive Advertiser Interface that facilitates seamless Campaign Management.


  • Three-Tier Structure
  • Guided Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Edits
  • Campaign Overview

Our Advertiser Interface is more than just a digital toolset; it's an ecosystem designed to empower advertisers and catalyze their success through strategic and easy-to-navigate campaign management.