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About us

Inhabitad International was established in early 2022. Backed by a strong professional and financial foundation spanning several decades, its owners have prominently succeeded in the business sectors of digital marketing, information technology, and software development.

The company was born out of a response to the intensifying market demand for retail media—a significant trend that is currently reshaping the retail and eCommerce industry. As an industry leader in digital marketing solutions, we have refined our services and technology over years of operation, fortifying our ability to meet complex and specific needs.

The core product, the Inhabitad Retail Media Platform, is the result of over five years of software development and the experience gained from numerous advertisement technology project implementations.

Inhabitad specializes in creating and implementing cutting-edge advertising technology solutions tailored to the retail and e-commerce sector. With a state-of-the-art platform, robust software tools, profound expertise, and a wealth of experience, we excel in delivering and supporting digital retail media solutions for our clients.