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RMNs: the special connection between retailers and brands

RMNs: the special connection between retailers and brands

| Blog | author: Monika Torokne Nagy

In the bustling realm of the retail industry, retail media networks, or RMNs, have swiftly emerged as a critical instrument of commerce. RMNs are platforms wherein retailers utilize their eCommerce  spaces as advertising channels to gain the attention of consumer-minded brands. They offer a viable win-win scenario – while brands get the chance to advertise directly to consumers at the point of purchase, retailers derive additional revenue from their eCommerce sites. In this blog post, we explore the specific relationship between retailers and brands.

The functionality of RMNs is a refreshing shift from traditional retail advertising. Retailers can monetize their digital assets – websites, apps, or even in-store experiences – by selling advertising placements to brands. This can vary from sponsored product listings, banner ads, to video content. The introduction of RMNs has powered a disruptively engaging and targeted method of reaching out to consumers, making every interaction count.

Enabling brands for direct access to consumers during their shopping journey, RMNs provide a real-time, immersive experience that can trigger instant decisions. This immediacy and relevance create a close-knit communication between the brand and the customer, fueling customer engagement and boosting sales conversions.

The changing face of retail and brand dynamics

In the era preceding retail media networks (RMNs), the relationship between brands and retailers was highly unilateral. Brands were greatly invested in currying favor with the retailers, who, on their part, pronounced the rules of every engagement, enjoying the status of being the customer.

After the introduction of RMNs, the landscape shifted dramatically. Retailers, besides maintaining their original role, donned another hat—that of media companies. This not only cranked up the complexity but also transformed it into a two-way street. Brands find themselves in the unexpected position of being the customers of retailers' advertising products.

This alteration in dynamics forces retailers to acknowledge and adapt to an unprecedented reality: the emergence of the brand as the customer. No longer the rule-setters, retailers are now playing the dual role of brand's customer and its advertising and data provider. Navigating this paradigm shift is critical to staking a claim on flourishing brand dollars.

Fashioning a new business mindset in the age of RMNs

Navigating through the retail media landscape demands a paradigm shift in thinking, particularly for retailers. The essence of this transformation lies in adopting a brand-centric mindset. In this brave new world that balances retail and media, it's crucial to refocus not just on the products and services rendered, but also on the aspirations and goals of the brands they represent.

Why should a shift towards brand-centricity matter to retailers? Consider this - a brand-centric approach directly impacts a company's avenues for revenue and high-margin operating income. 

Lastly, let's explore how the establishment and proliferation of retail media networks (RMNs) revolutionize traditional retail and advertising concepts. Older methodologies considered brands as suppliers to retailers. However, the advent of RMNs has evolved this concept into a two-pronged relationship, sculpting a niche where brands emerge as valued customers of retailer's advertising products and data.

Such is the reality of the post-RMN world, where the lens of brand-centricity plays a pivotal role. Providing a platform for brands to reach their advertising goals becomes more important than ever, adjusting the retailer's perspective and reinventing the face of retail and advertising.

Qualities that make an effective RMN

Brands value effective RMNs and seek those that are easy to work with and sympathetic to their business' needs and obstacles. They prize RMNs that can successfully deliver on their advertising goals and facilitate their journey to the top.

Successful RMNs are not mere platforms but partners in the truest sense. They score high in promoting collaboration and fostering a shared understanding of the brands they serve. Co-planning, co-creating, and co-executing form the core of their operational philosophy. With solid foundations of empathy and comprehension and by serving up tailored recommendations and strategic counsel, successful RMNs are helping brands redefine business success.

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