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Retail media landscape in 2024: the future trends

Retail media landscape in 2024: the future trends

| Blog | author: Monika Torokne Nagy

Not long ago, retail media was a minor player in marketing. Now, it's a crucial focus growing rapidly. So, what's up for 2024? We'll explore some exciting trends for 2024 in retail media landscape!

The importance of retail media is not in question. More and more companies are recognizing its business potential. It's an advantageous choice for retailers, who can generate extra revenue, and for brands, who can reach their audiences effectively and with valuable advertising space. And last but not least, it benefits consumers, who can enjoy a better shopping experience.

But what trends could 2024 bring? We've rounded up some of the most exciting ones!

Growing focus on clarity and consistency

In the world of retail media, things are changing. As the industry moves from its early stages to becoming a major player, clarity and consistency are becoming more important, though they are not without challenges. Making everything consistent is not an easy task.

Even so, the industry is hopeful. As the need for a better structure gets more pressing, the retail media industry is looking at major changes. Both clarity and consistency are expected to improve.

Full funnel marketing in the retail media landscape

Nowadays, retail media networks are presenting diverse options. In 2023, we saw a significant change in retail marketing with retailers extending their media range. This shift places retailers at various stages along a customer's buying journey, which is incredibly impactful. 

Online ads have evolved from simply selling to guiding customers to the best choices. Full-funnel advertising provides an overall view of customer interaction, paving the path for targeted marketing strategies. But, this approach requires a rethink in success measurement in retail advertising, focusing more on customer engagement and retention rather than just immediate sales.

Specialized retail media networks

Competition is rising in the retail media sector with big companies like Amazon and Walmart. However, this revolution also presents opportunities for newer brands to leverage data and widen their reach. It also allows existing brands to connect better with their audience and maximize their results both offline and online.

The role of AI in engagement

In the ever-changing business world, AI has become super important for personalized shopping experiences. It can analyze consumer behaviors and preferences to offer tailored shopping experiences. As more retail media platforms incorporate AI, the results are unique customer profiles, saving both time and resources. This can give brands a competitive advantage and foster customer loyalty.

A greener approach to retail

More retailers are going green, adopting the strategy of "re-commerce". As consumers seek sustainable and cost-effective options, this trend continues to gain momentum. Brands like Patagonia, The North Face, and Apple are spearheading this movement, offering an exchange system for old items. Re-commerce not only increases sales potential but also builds stronger brand loyalty while promoting environmental responsibility.

The retail media industry is making significant strides towards 2024. These trends we've discussed will steer the direction forward. The key to success will be adaptability, understanding retail data dynamics, and continuous learning.

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